7 Principles for Achieving Enterprise Resilience

Discover the seven principles for creating more resilient systems with a resilience thinking approach.

7 Principles for Achieving Enterprise Resilience

In today's interconnected society, a resilience thinking approach is necessary for managing the interaction between people and nature. By following these seven principles, companies can create more resilient systems.

Principle 1: Maintain diversity and redundancy with many different components to compensate for the failure of others.

Principle 2: Manage connectivity to avoid overly connected systems that may lead to rapid spread of disturbances.

Principle 3: Manage slow variables and feedbacks to prevent costly and difficult to reverse changes.

Principle 4: Foster complex adaptive systems thinking to accept unpredictability and multiple perspectives.

Principle 5: Encourage learning and revision of existing knowledge through collaboration.

Principle 6: Broaden participation to build trust and a shared understanding for collective action.

Principle 7: Promote Polycentric Governance where multiple governing bodies interact to support collective action in times of change.